SolarMeter - measure solar energy and plan your solar panel installation


SolarMeter is a solar energy analyzing tool that allows you to calculate, estimate and visualize solar power and energy output of a solar panel at specific location using your iPhone or iPad. 

You can't find a better source of energy then sunlight. It is presented in unlimited amount all over the globe, it's free and it has no destructive impact on the environment. If you've ever thought of using sun energy,  but  had some doubts or questions as 
"Is my location getting enough sunlight?"
"Do I have enough area on my roof to cover my annual energy consumption?",  
"What side of my roof is more energy effective?", 
"How much area do I need to cover my energy needs?", 
"How would my energy bill change after PV system installation?", 
now you can answer all these question using SolarMeter app for iOS.

Solar Meter helps you to check solar potential of your roof, how much solar power you are getting at your location throughout the year and help to estimate how much energy a photo-voltaic system is able to produce per month.

SolarMeter has following features:
  • Real-time solar power calculation based on current location, panel/device orientation and panel/device tilt**
  • Solar Power and Energy calculation for different period of time: day, month, year
  • Ideal (calculated) and experimental statistical solar data (offline) available
  • Sensor based inputs for orientation and tilt
  • Automatic current location search using GPS and Network
  • Graph/Plot 2D data presentation
  • Solar panel efficiency control
  • Bill and Saving estimation based on user input (energy monthly or annual consumption).
  • Roof tilt angle measurement
  • Roof area calculation based on Planimeter*   app measurement and roof tilt angle.
  • Metric and Imperial units 
  • area converter in Roof Measurement section when units are changed 

Go green! Go Solar!

*  Planimeter has to be purchased and installed to be able to use it for measurements.
** Make sure your Time Zone settings are correct and your device is in portrait orientation.

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App Screenshots

How to use:

For correct readings from tilt and orientation sensors use this version in Portrait mode.

Measure Mode 

Soar Measurement Live - solar power calculation for your current location based on orientation and tilt of your device. Use device screen as a solar panel. Rotate your device or face it towards the sun to see how it affects the result. Touch the screen to start/stop real time calculations. Make sure you have calibrated your device before using this mode and your Time Zone settings are correct.

Roof Measurement - use Planimeter to estimate roof area or land area needed for solar panels installation. Different area units are available by touching the unit label. It automatically works like area converter.

Note: Planimeter has to be purchased and installed to be able to use it for measurements.

Calculate Mode 

Calculate solar power and energy, estimate solar panel energy generation  based on location, orientation, tilt and panel area. Values can be manually entered or retrieved from your iOS device GPS and sensors for current device position. 

Note: Device orientation range is from -180 to 180 degrees with 0 degree towards North. Clockwise is positive and counterclockwise is negative directions.

Calculated data presented as:

Power - table presents power and energy data based on previously entered information and panel efficiency.  Results are shown for  the current moment, current day, current month and year. You can compare ideal/calculated results with real condition data.

Statistics - 2D plots with calculated and experimental solar energy distribution data for each month  throughout the year.

Costs - rough estimation of green solar energy / user energy consumption ratio. Based on these results you can roughly estimate your current and future bills and savings.


Calibrate your device to be able to use Solar Measurement Live mode. Device orientation is very critical for all calculations, please calibrate your compass  in order to get correct values.


Check Disclaimer, Share, Rate,  find other tools like Planimeter, Partometer, Millimeter, Converter4U, Pupil Distance Meter in this section.

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 - you can place you device on your roof or any other surface and use buttons in Calculation Mode to detect tilt and orientation automatically.


2015-Oct-15: v1.0.0 - Release. 


Oct 15, 2015


4.2 and up


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