Planimeter - GPS Area Measure


Planimeter is an iOS version of our popular Android application. It is  a tool to measure distances and areas on a map, to check bearing and geo-coordinates of a location. This measurement app is useful for outdoor activities and can be used as land surveyor by amateurs and professionals in various industries like sport, farming, landscaping, paving and construction, road building and repairing, real estate business, hiking and travel(direct distance between cities), fencing, lot building and planning, solar panel installation (roof area estimation), object mapping, lawn design, and many other where land area and distance / length calculations, land survey or maps are involved.
The app is available on App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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Planimeter Features:

  • Accurate distance and area calculation

  • Metric and Imperial units (m, km, feet, yards, miles, ha, acres)

  • Angle between lines

  • Bearings To and From the point

  • Forth and Back navigation through points by touch on Info Panel

  • GPS coordinates of a point

  • GPS accuracy settings (if GPS available)

  • Manage previously saved projects: open, save, share KML files

  • KML files created by Planimeter can be imported to  Google Earth and Google Maps to view on a desktop

  • Send data by email: picture, coordinates as text message, KML file

  • Save KML or TXT in local storage

  • Map/Satellite View

  • Zoom and Edit points

  • Current location search

  • Text (address) search

  • Delete selected/last/all points

  • Zoom to Fit-in and center points on a screen - quick points search

  • Add points by touch

  • Add current location as a point

  • Show location with Latitude and Longitude coordinates

  • Add points by Geo-coordinates: Lat and Lng

  • Option to center last point added

  • Option to show/hide lines

  • Preferences: location accuracy, tracking time interval, delete points confirmation, sound option for tracking

  • Separate units settings for distance, area, perimeter

  • Target Mode for accurate pin placement

  • Show current coordinates in Target Mode

  • Stylus Draw Mode

  • Full-screen option

  • Manual pin placement in GPS Tracking

You have an option to find your current location using GPS (if available) or Network or search Address (ZIP, area code) . Add your location to the list of points by making a long touch on "current location" button. It is very convenient feature that allows you to put key points on the map while walking, running or travelling.

You can save your measurements as KML, TXT files and screenshots in local storage. Also sharing data by email as a text message and KML file attached is available. KML file with results can be imported into Google Earth or Google Maps.

App Screenshots & Video


Area measurement on the map using Planimeter for iOS

Measurements and Edit Mode in Planimeter App on iOS

Save and Open measurement results

Guide for "Planimeter - GPS area measure" App on iOS


  • make a long touch on "Edit" button and all points will be automatically centered on the screen
  • LONG TOUCH on different buttons works as a shortcut for settings or extra functions
  • check Android page of the app for more info about the app. The Android App is not exactly the same but you can find more details about Planimeter  and features coming to iOS version.


10-Oct-2015: v1.0.9 - fix: "-" sign in Lat and Lng option.
06-Apr-2015: v1.0.7 - accuracy settings fix for some devices
27-Feb-2015: v1.0.1 - iPhone 6, 6+ and 64-bit support
23-Jul-2014: v1.0.0 - release 



Oct 10, 2015


4.2 and up


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