Pupil Distance Meter Simple Edition
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Pupil Distance Meter allows you to measure  pupillary distance (PD) quickly using your camera and a standard card (e.g. gift card, id card, credit card, etc). You need to know PD mostly for ordering eyeglasses. Now you can measure it yourself using this app. 

  • take picture with rear  or front camera
  • mm, cm, inch units
  • "magnifying glass" for better alignment  

How to use:

  1. Take a face picture with a reference card (see guide below how to hold the card properly)
  2. Mark eye pupils with the white ruler
  3. Mark the reference (card length) with the blue ruler
  4. See the PD result at the top of the screen 

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App Screenshots


How to use

  1. Take or load a face picture with a reference card 
  2. Mark eye pupils with the white ruler
  3. Mark a reference card length with the blue ruler
  4. See PD result 


    Pupil Distance Meter Simple app howto guide

  • Hold a reference card parallel to camera / display
  • Hold the card next to eye corner to keep eyes and card on the same vertical plane
  • Don not bring the camera close to your face, keep it at arm’s length
  • Do not focus your eyes on the camera when taking a picture, try to look "through" the device
  • Please check the result: the normal PD range for adults is between 50mm and 78mm (41mm to 55mm for kids).

If you use a credit card as a reference and share your measurement results with a screenshot, please MAKE SURE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS NOT VISIBLE. You are sharing your information on your own risk, VisTech.Projects LLC is not responsible for it.


4.2 and up

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