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Partometer3D is camera measure app for area, perimeter, length, ratio, circle parameters, angle measurements. It can be used as a ruler or tape measure for accurate measurements on pictures / photos. This app allows users to make measurements in any defined plane in 3D space.

The measurement / object plane doesn't have to be parallel to the camera plane.

It expands number of situations where application can be used. For example, big objects now can be measured by taking a picture from a side, objects and distances that are difficult to reach can be measured as well. 

Partometer3D has the same application area as Partometer - camera measure , but gives you more flexibility and power. Angle Mode can be used for roof angle measurements. This data can be used in SolarMeter for solar energy calculations.


The following mode are available in the app:

Length Mode: measure objects in any direction and compare parts  to each other.

Angle Mode: two rulers are available to measure angle and lengths

Area Mode: area of irregular shaped objects can be calculated in this mode.

Circle Mode: length, radius, area, center of a circle.

Partometer3D uses a phone/tablet camera and any available object with known size as a reference to perform measurements. To define the measurement plane a rectangular object (sheet of paper, credit card, custom object) is used.

The App shows measurement results in different units: meters, millimeters, centimeters, feet, inches based on user settings. It also calculate dimensions of the object in relative units with respect to the reference object (ROL).

There is an option to make a picture or upload picture from Library. Zoom View feature helps to align object boundaries accurately.

Partometer3D can be very useful if you need to measure bigger distances on a plane, where the simple ruler or tape measure is difficult to apply.

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  • The bigger a reference object on the screen the more accurate measurement result you can achieve.
  • Please adjust ROL with the reference object properly, it is very critical for measurement accuracy. The correct ways to place ROL on the reference object with long and short sides is shown below:


05-Dec-15v1.0.0 - Release


Dec 05, 2015


4.3 and up


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